A Done For You Digital Ecosystem Agency!
Converting High-Quality Paid Ads & Affiliate Traffic For Your Consumer Brands, Products & Services
Helping 4-5 Figure+ E-commerce Store Owners & Business Affiliates, Invest, Market & Convert Consumer Products Sales Into Reinvested capital Assets

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Akeem E. Wilson is also known as AkeemTheCeo.com in the digital world is a longtime entrepreneur, marketer, nomad liquidator, author, and life mastery enthusiast, with over a decade spent helping small and medium-sized business owners market, grow and scale their digital enterprise.

Starting his very first business at the age of 17 and witnessing many successes and failures along with the ways of traveling the school of hard knocks, Akeem has been around the block enough times now that helping others onboard the new age digital gold rush wave of what it takes to sustain a successful online surplus arbitrage business. His mission is to help others avoid the pitfall and time delay that it took him over 15+ years and life set back to discover a much faster and noble path to personal freedom and affiliate business ownership success.
The Affiliate CEO is our digital affiliate brands ambassador marketing ecosystem agency where we help newbie entrepreneurs, investors, and small and medium-sized online businesses doing at least $5-15k per month or $1-10 million dollars in product sales, driving targeted paid ad traffic, increasing sales conversions to their Eco-friendly brands, products, and services.

Our definition of CEO is almost indescribable but if we were to translate it into words here is what we came up with...

Consciously- inspiring brands towards purpose, passion, & clarity.
Empowering- Others to be their true authentic effortlessly selves.
Optimizing - Businesses with integrity, performance, and results.

Our mission is to fast-track entrepreneurs world-wide on the road to success by aligning purpose and engineering your passions into profitable cash flowing established online home-base affiliate businesses that meet your investment criteria.

Our vision is to be a leading agency in positively influence, and convert 1000+ newbie entrepreneurs, investors, and offline brick & mortar, conventional business owners, into successful online affiliate business owners aka CEOs over the next 3-7 years.

A Fast-Track Guide To Growing A 5-7 Figure
Home-Base Affiliate Surplus Consumer Product Arbitrage Agency With The Least Amount of Effort!
We are a team of the new generation of affiliate marketers, digital entrepreneurs and CEO’s of established online & offline businesses enterprise owners.

With one goal in mind, to empower digital entrepreneurs and newbie investors alike using our fast track systems approach towards affiliate surplus arbitrage business ownership, creating eco-friendly passive income streams and personal freedom mastery, utilizing training and support systems, to help grow, market and manage your online business with the least amounts of effort on your part.

We add our many years of digital marketing, consumer product liquidation, and hard knock life mastery experience from both the online and offline worlds to help support you in your new passive income online investment venture.

Our process starts with an onboard evaluation call, to learn more about your goals, we then determine which online business model is the best approach for your personality type aligning passion with purpose is our secret in getting you fast results, our mission after that is to get you cash-flowing ROI, optimizing sales via paid ads that drive high-quality traffic, automating marketing campaigns that to help maximize growth and return on capital that enhance your digital assets overall value with the least amount of resistance.

We provide live monthly coaching and support training keeping you involved as we manage the paid ad strategy on your behalf. We send quarterly reports out so you can see the trends in the market and determine as a team whether we should hold for the long- term or sell, providing a capital gain on your investment. We simply determine whether holding or selling is proper using verifiable analytics and market research. We Rinse & Repeat The Process. Creating a rhythm of deal flow.
Run A Profitable Online Affiliate Business From Your Home.
Amazing After Sales Service, Training Access & Support.
No Need For Technical Knowledge or  Education Degrees...
Get Involved Now Before Its Too Late!
'Be The Change You Wish To See'
P.S. :The Affiliate CEO- A Fast-Track Digital Agency Ecosystem That Helps Entrepreneurs World-Wide Acquire, Market & Scale 3-5 Figure Affiliate Home-Based Online Businesses With The Least Amounts of Effort!
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